Founding Members

YTOC wishes to acknowledge the following Founding Members who made it all possible when they formed our organization in 1980.
  • Peggen Bondreau
  • Myrna Bottone
  • J. Brooks
  • Katherine Detre (deceased)
  • Carol Driste-Addey
  • Dot Dulaney
  • Mardi Erdman (deceased)
  • Patricia Hansen
  • Glenda Heath
  • Judy Hein
  • Adeline Morris – Honorary Founding Member – Adeline was Colorado’s 1st Yoga Teacher and the one who really got the ball rolling back in the 1960’s and ’70’s.
  • Jo Murphy
  • Alice Rasmussen
  • Claudette Rue
  • Stephanie Taylor
  • Mukunda Stiles – Honorary Founding Member – Mukunda taught the teacher training in May 1980 from which YTOC was formed.