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Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones – August 2015

Our guest presenter at our August Retreat is Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, and the topic will be the The Truth About the Psoas. Please dress as you would to do a yoga class.


By Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, yoga anatomy author,www.move-live.com.

This session covers the all-important psoas muscle and deep core area physically, emotionally, and spiritually through experiential movement, asanas, and relaxation as it affects the lower triangle.

Class begins with a warm up using the designated psoas area and chakra to energize the hips and spine. Focus is on yoga asanas that incorporate the psoas major muscle as a lumbar and hip stabilizer, working through both stretch and strength, then release. The experience enables the body, mind, and spirit to awaken through poses, breath, and awareness. It has been proven that gentle psoas muscle release can lead to relief of lower back and sacro-iliac problems, and enhance the breath and energy channels activated.

The class is based on Jo Anns book, The Vital Psoas Muscle: Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Aspects of the bodys most important skeletal muscle.

*Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, author, professor, international movement educator from NJ & Fraser, Colorado:

Full Professor of Kinesiology, Dance & Movement Sciences, an advanced Pilates teacher and Hatha Yoga Instructor (Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado and a Himalayan Institute 500hr graduate). She has taught throughout the country, in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Prague, France, and Costa Rica. Believing that knowledge of the body is a pathway to health and healing is Jo Anns main focus in all teachings. Her next 200hr Teacher Training is in Winter Park, Co. 2 weekends per month for 5 months, August 23-December 13. View details athttp://www.mtmoonyoga.com/events. Jo Ann

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