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Welcome New Affiliate Partner Member Conexus Coaching Communications Trainings!

Let’s extend a warm YTOC welcome to our newest  affiliate partner member ConExus Coaching Communications Training!
MEMBER: Shawn Lyons
ADDRESS: Boulder, CO 80304
PHONE: (303) 817-1237
WEB ADDRESS: ConexusCoaching.com
YEAR STARTED TEACHING: 1991 Communications Trainings
TRAINING: Newport Beach, CA


Shawn works with individuals to expand their business and enhance professional relationships while providing training to improve inter-personal communications. The work provides an avenue to become more in touch with the challenges and concerns of the yoga instructor which supports the ability to better evaluate class participants, understand the clients wants and needs, and have more effective communications during classes. He developed The Hidden Athlete program which is a method using sports & fitness activities in which participants would experientially discover and move beyond limiting beliefs that would hinder personal performance and impact developing company success. He participated in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and is recognized as a Continuing Education Provider for accredited certifications including The American Council on Exercise (ACE).


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