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“How do I get more students in my classes?” This is the most common question among yoga teachers and in this FB live we will address this. Amanda McKinney is a Marketing Coach for Yoga Teachers who’s passion is to help yoga teachers earn more money and this often is getting more butts on mats. She will be sharing the 3 questions you have to answer to fill your classes with your dreams students on a consistent basis.

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About Amanda:

Amanda McKinney is a marketing coach who is fueled by coffee, sunrises, smiles and of course, YOGA. Her mission is to help you earn a living sharing yoga with others…without the burn out of driving to 5+ studios a day.  She loves to share with her students that creating a brand is simply taking the unique, authentic self that is already within you and sharing it with the world in a consistent way that resonates with your audience. The missing link is only a little time to get clear on the messaging and then sharing it with others.

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Key Takeaways

[00:01] About Amanda McKinney

Amanda is answering 3 questions for us about How to Get More Butts in Your Yoga Class

[01:58] Question 1 and How to Answer It

[04:54] Question 2 and How to Answer It

[06:49] Words you should NOT use to market

[13:19] Question 3 and How to Answer It

[14:04] Places to Market

[17:57] Are you doing your students a disservice???

[20:34] Why Amanda thinks yoga teachers should make ALL the money

[23:56] Budgeting to take a vacation

[26:44] How to get the word out about your yoga classes and events

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Quotes from this episode

“So my thing is why not earn money doing something that you love and it helps other people, which is teaching yoga. If you don’t earn money doing that, you have to earn it another way, which takes from teaching yoga. And the super awesome thing is the more money you make teaching yoga, the more you can give for free or give to foundations. All of that. I want yoga teachers to make all the money in the world because they just want to help people. So they want to give to foundations, they want to have free yoga classes, all of this. So I want yoga teachers to make all the money.”

“I actually think it’s a disservice if you, the yoga teacher, does not share your passion and your gift with your students, especially your dream student who could transform their life with your yoga class.”

“{Marketing} is just inviting people to the party. You can be the best yoga teacher in the world. You can have the best sequence planned for your class and you just know it is going to change lives. But if you don’t invite anyone, no one is showing up and you are all alone in the studio or in the room. You have to invite people to the party.”

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