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Yoga is not only the connection of body, mind, and spirit, but also to the cosmos and planets around us.

Sirena Dudgeon connects the cosmos and planets into her yoga classes to create a truly unique class experience for her students.

She’s going to share with us some examples of how you can start to bring astrology into your classes and help your students connect more with body, mind, spirit and the cosmos around us.

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About Sirena:

I am a 200 RYT for about 3 years now, I teach in Longmont, Boulder and Lyons. My love of yoga is coupled with my love of Astrology. I design my classes around moon and sun phases of the zodiac – and which part(s) of the body are associated with those signs. I also place a lot of emphasis on the spiritual side of yoga (versus it just being exercise and a workout) in my classes with pranayama, meditation, japa, yoga sutras, etc. I hold workshops on astrology/yoga and also Yoga in the “Church” with a dear reverend friend of mine. We explore spirituality amongst all beliefs and combine them with vinyasa yoga flows in a beautiful sacred space.

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Key Takeaways:

Allison’s personal takeaways: I don’t have much experience with Astrology and it was fascinating to get my chart read by Sirena. I HIGHLY recommend her for an astrology reading or an astrology workshop. She recently did an astrology workshop for her co-workers- how cool is that?!?

[00:24] About Sirena

[01:56] What is astrology and they type of astrology that Sirena practices

[04:06] The different elements of the signs, cardinal signs, and how Sirena brings these into her class theme

[05:16] Horoscoping

[06:26] Is horoscoping and astrology trying to predict the future?

[10:19] How Sirena brings astrology into her yoga classes – new & full moons, body parts, energies, all the good stuff!!!

[15:02] How yoga teachers can bring in 

[18:08] Mercury Retrograde- what is it and how does it really affect us???

[22:25] How to work with Sirena- workshops, chart readings & yoga classes.

Quotes from this episode

“Astrology is just a huge snapshot of a person’s life. So when you’re born- it’s a snapshot of the sky, the cosmos, and that’s your chart.”

“You have to just work with the energies and it takes time to learn that.”

“Astrology kind of gives you that deeper level of understanding of the “Why” this is happening in your life. It helps fill in the blanks sometimes.”

“Astrology is similar to yoga. It’s a journey.”

“Mercury is a planet of learning and sharing ideas, sharing information, learning information, connecting and communicating. It’s not just technology.”

“If you want to start learning astrology, attend some classes or workshops. That’s really the best way to get started.”

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