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Theming your yoga class is so much more than just reading an inspirational quote.

It is part gift and part skill.

Shauna guides you through a few tips on how to find a heartfelt theme and how to integrate themes into your yoga teaching that create impact and a dedicated following of students.

About Shauna

Shauna quickly realized there was more going on in her practice than the physical experience, which motivated her to learn more. The basis for her training has been in the Anusara Yoga system and has been greatly influenced by her experiences in AcroYoga and she has recently completed her Aerial Yoga Teacher training.

What can you expect from a class with Shauna? To feel grounded and calm. Shauna expertly guides her students deep inside their own bodies and minds, where they will discover their own inner wisdom and true teacher, themselves.

She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching all ages and skill levels for 8 years. She was initially drawn to yoga as a supplement for her dance technique classes in NYC.

Study with Shauna and her advanced yoga teacher training.

Key Takeaways

[00:39] Shauna’s experience on the mat

[01:25] An example of theming your yoga class “off the mat”

[03:28] Choosing a theme

[07:29] Who am I today- making sure the theme feels authentic to you

[09:25] The integration

[11:13] The Spiritual Sandwich

[11:53] The Reminder

[14:07] Shauna’s favorite resources

[15:32] Amazing quote from Theme Weaver

[18:17] Interested in studying with Shauna? Check out her upcoming 300-hour program! 

Referenced Books:

Soul to Soul: Prayers & Stories to End A Yoga Class by John Mundahl 

Theme Weaver by Michelle Marchildon

Quotes From This Episode

My experience on the mat started to deepen into a place that was beyond the physical experience of moving from asana to asana in order to achieve some physical goal into something that touched my heart and my spirit and felt like a way in which I could integrate yoga into my life. 

And the wisdom that I learned in those early years of my practice guided me towards becoming a yoga teacher myself. 

What kind of nuggets of wisdom and experience can we offer to our students? 

I feel like that’s where theming can really enhance someone’s precious time on their mat. 

To create a great theme, ask yourself, what is my mission?

One of my passions and my mission as a teacher is to help others find that internal wisdom. So instead of me just putting the wisdom onto them, I interweave my questioning, my theming, my asana sequences and my meditations in service to helping them find that inner wisdom and awareness within themselves, that inner teacher.

As I progress in my journey as a yoga teacher, I learned that it’s important that these themes really speak to you, that they resonate with you in some way, that they support your mission and that you have experience with them. 

I think the more and more we can continue to extend our reach beyond the time on our Yoga Mat, the more impactful our offering is going to be for our students. 

A great theme speaks to you. It resonates after class. It has the potential to motivate on the mat and off the mat. It’s able to reveal more about the self, creates an expansion of who we are, illuminates something either about us, about yoga or about the world, is motivating, inspiring and enlightening. Is all of the above or just one of the above.

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