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unlocking the upanishads: 4 key lessons for yogis

these texts may be ancient, but they are a powerful source of inspiration for modern yogis While the Vedas are considered the most sacred and treasured texts of India, it is the Upanishadsthat transferred the wisdom of the Vedas into practical and personal teachings. The word ‘upanishad’ literally means “sitting down beside,” and the collection…

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Strong Shoulders: A Teacher’s Guide

Strong Shoulders: Functional Movements to Sneak into Your Classes by Yoga International Read from Yoga International’s Website

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YTOC Is Recruiting

Content only available to registered YTOC members. 

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10-Question Yoga Anatomy Quiz

Do you know how your muscles, bones, and joints move while you are practicing yoga? Test your knowledge with this yoga anatomy quiz. Courtesy of Yoga International. TAKE THIS QUIZ Link will open new tab.

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Ayurvedic Flu Remedy

Natural Remedies to Help Fight the Flu Sarasvati Buhrman, Ph.D., Ayurvedic Medicine and Classical Yoga Therapy, 5757 Central Ave, Ste 210   Boulder, CO 80301 303 443 6923 As almost everyone is aware by now, this year’s flu shots have been less effective than they usually are in preventing the flu. This also means that…

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Thinking Twice: Our “Second” Brain

Most people are unaware that we have a “second” brain, located in our gut. Yet how many times have we heard the admonition, “Trust your gut?”   There is good reason for this. Known as the enteric nervous system (ENS), this second brain is part of the autonomic nervous system. ENS reacts to emotions, receives…

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What’s It All About?

Please note the ideas in the following article may not reflect the opinion of YTOC. These are my personal insights, shared by my dear friend Pat Hansen and other yoga teachers. Yoga Teacher Registered Teacher Certified Teacher Yoga Stretching What is in the Name, the Words, the Essence of Yoga? ? ? So much is…

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Arthritis Diet from Indra Devi

Indra Devi gave this diet to me during the Unity in Yoga’s Peace Conference in Jerusalem January, 1995. Mataji Indra Devi is called the “mother of Yoga” as she was the first woman teacher in the western hemisphere. Currently 102 years young and quite healthy, she is living in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she has…

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