Our dearest YTOC members and supporters,
It has been my honor to represent our membership as President of the Yoga Teachers of Colorado (YTOC) this past year. 
Our Board met recently and we have decided to make some big changes and would like to make sure you are aware of these changes and have a chance to express any thoughts you might have before we move forward. 
Since 1982 YTOC has been a professional organization that helped the yoga pioneers in the Denver area to come together. It was how the yoga community at that time connected and built community.
Currently, the introduction of the Internet and social media has replaced the function of many professional organizations as the way to connect and build community and YTOC is not as relevant as it once was. 
Therefore a difficult decision has been made. 
With lots of discussion, forethought, and reluctance by the YTOC board, we have decided to dissolve and retire the name YTOC and transfer the organization.
This was a difficult decision, but we remain committed to the teaching of the Yoga Sutras, Isvara pranidhana va, “Samadhi is attained through complete and total surrender to a higher power.”
This is the sutra where everything comes together and by surrendering to a higher power you allow yourself to fully focus on your most authentic self. So we are surrendering and letting go of our beloved YTOC and turning it over to a deeper faith.  
Out of the ashes of YTOC it is our goal that the organization will be reborn as an advocacy organization called Yoga Professional’s First for yoga teachers to improve their relationships between teachers and studio owners and level up the industry through ethics training and conduct. 
For now, we want to simply honor the memory of YTOC and will be sharing our thoughts about a new direction soon. 
For any of our members who have renewed their membership in the past 90 days, you will automatically receive a refund of your dues.
YTOC does have a small nest egg in our bank account and the Board has voted to donate these funds to Sanga, which is a local non-profit, organized and managed by YTOC member, Hansa Knox.
Sanga has been around since June 2001, has a solid Board of Directors and a clear mission. That mission is to provide scholarships for students who wish to pursue Yoga Teacher Training to any yoga studio in Colorado. 
YTOC’s donation to Sanga will help more students in our community receive scholarships to support their yoga education. 
If you have any comments regarding the changes, please contact me via email or phone, prior to December 10 so that we can discuss before making this donation. 
Thank you for your support over the past several years,
The YTOC Board

Allison Rissel | Sandy Kline | Christa Saracco | Molly von Rosenberg | Anjli Giri | Mary Anne Plocher | Shauna Hylenski