Beginning Meditation Tool Box For Relaxation and Inner Peace

Learn breath awareness, therapeutic breathing patterns and gentle meditation practices to relax into the healing peace of the still place within you.
Lead by Penelope Currier, Certified Life Coach, who has been meditating for over 30 years.

Free Gentle Community Yoga With Cindy Hamilton

Free Community Gentle Yoga lead by Cindy Hamilton.
This gentle Yoga class has an emphasis on standing and gentle poses.
It is great for beginners or yogis wanting to come check out Rishi’s Community Yoga for FREE!
Donations are gladly accepted if you would like to support the community.

Experiential Meditations With Nancy Markow

Are you curious about meditation? Explore and experience various types of meditation, a deeper connection with yourself and amazing healing energies.

The experience includes a variety of ways to meditate; breath, chanting, mantras, affirmations, mudras and gentle yogic movement.

You will be bathed in healing energies and invited to deepen and expand your awareness of who you are. You will be pampered and encouraged to explore what loving yourself means.

Guided meditations are based on ancient spiritual teachings (Enneagram and Chakra wisdom).

Offerings are held at Rishi’s Community Yoga

Sunday’s from 12:45-4:00 PM
Jan 21st,
Feb 18th,
Mar 18th,
Apr 15th,
May 20th….more dates forthcoming.

(Donation supported – we set a value at $45, some attendees share more, others share less; some share in ways outside of monetary means – we welcome all appreciation and support. We know the experience will support your abundance and joy.)

Past participants share…

“the experience felt magical, it opened doors within me to observe, reflect and grow.”

“This experiential event creates an energetic imprint that stays with me. I leave the studio feeling happy and peaceful, yet it is in the weeks that follow that I see the type of incredible positive change I’ve come to expect. This time, it was only 5 days before I saw my expressed desire for a “jump start” begin to unfold from every direction in my life! I’ve already enrolled for the next one.” Diane Floerchinger/Denver/April 2017

A committed reservation and the courtesy of attending the full experience (arriving on time) respects you, us and the other participants.

12 participants – by reservation only

Reserve your spot, share questions or connect today at

Yin Yoga With Melissa Gray


Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

2018 Planetary Trends

$40 until Jan. 26
$45 begins Jan. 27

presented by Kerry Shamblin

10 a.m. – Noon
Join Kerry for a two-hour session in which she explains the astrological patterns for 2018 from the perspective of Jyotisha, the Vedic system of astrology. This talk is designed for anyone, whatever their astrological understanding, and will include review of basic astrological concepts.

1 – 3 p.m. by donation
Following the talk, Kerry will lead kirtan, emphasizing chants that will be appropriate for the astrological weather of 2018.

All are welcome to attend both the talk and the kirtan, or to attend one or the other.
More info on registration here.

Sutra, Sanskrit, and Meditation Sangha

Up-level your Yoga practice.
Tune up with the resonance of Sanskrit.
Tune in through the practice of Meditation.
Free Sangha offered one Sunday every month.  All are welcome!

Angelique, a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, has studied with Manorama, Director of Sanskrit Studies Method and disciple of Sri Brahmananda Sarasvati, in 2004. Panorama unveiled the path of Sanskrit studies for Angelique: a path that combines Sanskrit, Mediation, and Yoga Philosophy.

Study the Yogic texts. Discuss the teachings as we apply them to our lives.

These gatherings are perfect for those interested in learning more about Sanskrit and the philosophical underpinnings of yoga.

Holiday Restorative Yoga

Carol Wade, RYT, will be your guide using breath, meditation, and very gentle yoga poses to release tension stored in hips, neck, and shoulders.
Clear stress by using essential oils led by Amber Gerber, CTRS, Karuna Reiki Master. Relax as Amber releases blocked energy from your body with reiki. Create within your heart a space for peace to carry with you through the holiday season.
Sunday, December 3
Investment:  $25

Deepen Your Relationship With Self

This experience combines the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga, mudras, Chakras and Enneagram. Healing vibrational sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls increase and heighten your journey.

The yoga is restorative-yin style (easy for all to do), and the mudras stimulate energy pathways within your body. The Chakra explorations often bring forth insightful messages, specific for your alignment with your highest expression. The Enneagram offers wisdom that aligns the mind with the Soul. You will also learn to energetic tools that support your empowerment.

The experience is offered to all, by donation. We set the value at $45 for those who like that guidance. We welcome any form of support, whether it is your love, your referrals or your monetary contributions. Donations support Rishi’s, myself and my assistant.

For this event offering, Maria Lucero will assist me by sharing her healing energies with you during the event. You will be pampered and encouraged to allow her healing touch.

The studio space has room for 15 participants. Therefore we require your committed reservation.